Oil Heating

There are some things that are quite strange to us as Germans: showers run by electricity and (heating) oil tanks in the garden. 🙄


In case you haven’t seen or heard of a power shower yet, I will do a separate post about this appliance in a short while. But for now, let’s talk about the oil heating.

Now and then, when I think about it, I feel a little uncomfortable having a container full of kerosene in my garden, especially since it is in a hot, sunny spot. You see, in Ireland the oil tank is usually placed in a corner of the garden, away from the house and unto a few bricks (to keep ground water away from it). The pipe, coming from the tank into the boiler, has to be a certain amount of centimetres/inches below the ground. Most of the times the boiler is also located outdoors.

When it is time for a refill, I will go to a specific website (we are buying from the same company every year) and select:

  • my County
  • Kerosene (another oil type would be Gas Oil)
  • how many litres I want delivered

If you are looking for companies that deliver oil just search for Ireland Heating Oil and the search engine will list up a few you can choose from. I know, I know, it’s not the season to be talking about filling up the oil tank. However, now is the time to find out more about it and to save up the money for the oil delivery in autumn. 😉

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Living In a Holiday Resort

A week ago I took the photo you see above. It was a beautiful day — blue sky, perfect temperature and not too many holiday makers at the beach, yet.

We are living in a (holiday) home which is at the edge of a small village and about 5.5km (3mi) away from the Irish Sea. There are only a few hundred permanent residents living here but during the summertime a couple of thousand guests come to spend their holiday in this village. Some of the more wealthy holiday makers will stay in a holiday house they own, others use their mobile home for accommodation, some will rent a holiday home or a room in a B&B or hotel, and then there are those who will to stay in their caravan/camper or in a tent.

School holidays start around the end of June and will last until the end of August. In these two months the beach will be flooded by holiday guests. If you’ll look at the picture above, at the left-hand side, up on the dunes, you can see a small red and yellow building (sorry, it’s not such a great quality) That‘s the house where the lifeguards are found. Right now they are only available on the weekends but during the summer holidays they will be there daily from morning to evening.

Yes, it’s lovely to be living so close to the beach, in a holiday resort. However, it is also nice once the holiday guests have left and it will be quieter and cleaner again …


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When we moved to Ireland in 2010 we didn‘t have a car at first. But you know what? The time from 2010 to 2011 was a time of loads of walking and a time of good exercise 🙂 We walked a lot, to the stores, the supermarkets, through the parks and to the meat factory and back. Our favourite walk (and I think Rapsy does agree 😉 ) was about 10km long roundtrip. It was the walk to the butcher where we used to buy a couple of kilos of meat every four weeks or so.

Back then the price for meat was still affordable for most people. €25 bought a lot of steaks, stew, mince (ground meat), liver and bones. We always came back with a good filled rucksack. Since then prices went up. Today we would probably fill not even half of the backpack we brought along back then.

The following are average prices for 1kg meat. These vary, of course, from butcher to butcher and from supermarket to supermarket and they also depend on the quality and the cut of the meat.

  • Beef stew €8-10
  • Beef mince (ground meat) €8-10
  • Chicken fillet €10-12
  • Lamb‘s liver €7.50
  • Leg of Lamb (about 2.5kg) €25
  • Turkey breast/steaks €10-12

Another thing I have noticed over these past months is that the price per kilo is actually cheaper when buying smaller instead of bigger packages of meat (in the supermarket). Also, the portion of added water seems to have risen — cooking a kilo of beef will leave about 500-600g of cooked stew. :think: I‘m curious if this is the same in other countries of the world?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

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