Forbearance is not acquittance

Susie‘s Strudel was supposed to be this week‘s post but sometimes things don‘t turn out the way we expect. There are several reasons for the delay of this post… I don‘t want to bore you with any of them right now — even though I might write about one or the other in a future post.

Forbearance is not acquittance … I‘m sorry to disappoint my readers today but bear with me and you will be rewarded with a great recipe for a yummy Strudel — coming up next week!

Thank you for stopping by and for reading my blog.

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We are halfway into February and many are wondering if spring will ever arrive this year 🙄 Not only are the evenings and nights still very cold but some days throughout the week are quite chilly, too. My friend, who usually leaves for Spain in autumn, says: „Never again!“ she will not spend another winter in Ireland. 🙂

Harbingers of spring are here…


… and they better be, because in Ireland springtime starts on the first of March! Yes, on the Emerald Isle, the timing of the seasons is a little different 😉 To learn more about the times of spring, summer, autumn and winter in Ireland, check out Fun Facts for Primary Students — Seasons


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Pancake Tuesday 2018

Next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday — Pancake Day!  The local supermarkets are already filling their shelves with additional pancakes, pancake mixes and more ingredients to make homemade ones.

Do you celebrate this day in any specific way? Do you usually make your own pancakes or do you buy them at the store? Do you like them sweet or do you prefer a savory topping on them?

We often make pancakes — not just on Pancake Day 😉 We like to eat them like soft tacos, burritos, or else we spread peanutbutter and/or jam on top and roll them up.

Looking for a recipe? Here is last year‘s post called Pancake Days where you will find  a recipe to make whole wheat pancakes. Here are two more recipes you might want to give a try:

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