Hook Lighthouse

 Friday, about three weeks ago, we visited Hook Lighthouse in Co. Wexford, Ireland. On the way back home we stopped in Kilmore Quay but that will be another post for another day.

Hook Lighthouse is located in Co. Wexford, on a peninsula. It’s about an one hour drive away from the cities of Waterford, Wexford and Rosslare Harbour. It’s 800 years old and therefore the world’s oldest of its kind that is still operational.

Weather plays an important role if you want to visit this or any other lighthouse. We were blessed that day — if we would have visited a week before we would have not seen much because of the heavy fog.

Lovely Anne Tweedy, a relative of one of the last lighthouse keepers 😉 was our tour guide that day. She told us all about the history of Hook Lighthouse, the monks that lived there, William Marshall and, of course, the work of the lighthouse keeper.

Just a few steps and we were on the first platform.

“How many black rings does Hook Lighthouse have?” she asked.

“It has two black rings.” she said with a smile.

Then we went up the narrow way, up the stairs — which are quite steep.

And then some more… It was well worth the effort, not just because of the travel through time…


… but also because of the magnificent view!

We had a wonderful and fun day — Thanks to my dear schoolfriend and our lovely tour guide Anne!

Admission/Tour currently (2017) costs €9 per adult.

Here is another post I did on Hook Lighthouse in March 2017. 

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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Wicklow Mountains National Park — 20.000 ha (50.000 acres) full of pastures, forest, waters and more!

This is Rapsy in the Wicklow Mountains in December of 2011.


While young, my friend and I have always liked to explore walking trails, pastures and forest. Often times, right after we finished our homework, we were out and about — exploring the nature. That’s why I just had to take her to this stunning national park while she was visiting the Emerald Isle.

Three weeks ago we drove to Glendalough which is part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park, located in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. It was such a joy to have my school friend along! We walked the trails together and researched names and characteristics of all sorts of animals and plants.


The park offers a variety of walking trails: easy, moderate, ramble and hillwalk. Discover historic places like The Monastic Sites of Glendalough and/or the ruined Miners’ Village. Visit the information centre to find out more about the habitats, the birds, mammals and plants. (They have quite a few leaflets and fact sheets, e.g. Mining In Glendalough & Glendasan, A Checklist of the Birds of Glendalough, and others)

Information Office


Go on the trail that leads up to the Poulanass Waterfall and enjoy the views while on the way or when walking back down…   


There is no admission fee. Maps of the walking trails are available for a small fee at the visitors’ centre and downloadable from the website of Wicklow Mountains National Park.  Summer months are really busy and at times it’s hard to find a parking space! There are two main car parks in this area: One at the Visitor’s Centre (which charges during busy periods) and the other at the Upper Lake (which currently, in 2017, charges €4 to enter).

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Kilkenny Castle

About two weeks ago we were heading to Kilkenny Castle — Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.


It took us about 1.5 hours to get there. The castle and its park are located in the city centre of Kilkenny town. It’s a good thing to plan ahead. Many are visiting this place during summertime and the car parks usually fill up quickly.



Our dogs came along that day and had a fantastic time walking through the park: new surrounding, so many strange and familiar smells to sniff and a great, long walk through the huge park. I’ll tell you: they were out coming back from that trip. 🙂

Since the weather was great that day and the temperatures still about 20° C, I went for another stroll with them while Stefan and our guest went on a time travel through the castle.

Admission is currently (2017) €8 per adult. The tour is self-guided from February to October; from November to January it’s by guided tour only. It’ll take about 45-60 (maybe less  during winter) to explore the castle — plus the time you may want to spend in the park.

You can get more information at: Kilkenny Castle — Tour of the Castle

Stefan brought home some lovely photos. Here is a small selection of my favorites:




How often do we forget about this and other modern home comforts 😉


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