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Oddities — don’t fret, just marvel and/or smile

Fish and Chips

Sunday was Mother‘s Day — not here in Ireland (they celebrated on the 31st March 2018 already) but for my American friend and for me. We decided to take a trip and skip the cooking for that day. So off … Continue reading

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Learning Irish

At the end of last year, I’ve bought a new calendar for 2018. While in a little hurry, I just grabbed one that looked okay, paid for it and put it away until the beginning of this year. 🙄 Well, … Continue reading

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Referendum 25 May 2018

Even if we are not registered to vote, we can have some influence on the outcome of the upcoming Referendum in May. How? By the way we act, through talks with Irish people, by distributing, showing and/or wearing some of … Continue reading

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