Shopping For Fun

Remember last week’s post?

Heading into town today has this summer-holiday-kinda feeling to it and what could be better than enjoying a fun-shopping day out with hubby? … We’ve already had 3 seasons in this day 🙂 So we are hoping for a good deal of sunshine to take a few lovely pictures with a blue-sky background downtown.

Well, well… no blue-skies that day. But we’ve had some fun anyway. 😉

There are three towns within a radius of 30kms (18 miles) from where we live. We visited two last week. In Gorey you will find a shopping centre and a couple of bigger stores — included supermarkets. But it’s more fun shopping on the main street and its side streets where you can go from shop to shop:

Shopping Gorey 3.JPG

It’s almost the same in Wexford town:

Shopping WX 3.JPG

Besides the cluster of bigger specialised shops and supermarkets, you will also find store next to store in the main shopping area — with the special treat of being closer to the water (since it is an harbour town)

Shopping WX 2.JPG

What do you enjoy most about shopping for fun?


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