Shopping in Ireland

Shopping is fun, isn’t it? I mean shopping for fun stuff not for groceries for a change. 😉

Our first guests this August arrived 31st July and left yesterday. The next guests won’t be here until the 20th of August. And there will be more guests to come this summer… To spend time with them and go see places we scheduled a few days off.

We have no guests here at the moment and still have two days off work. So guess what? Yup! Shopping time!

Heading into town today has this summer-holiday-kinda feeling to it and what could be better than enjoying a fun-shopping day out with hubby?

We’ve already had 3 seasons in this day 🙂 So we are hoping for a good deal of sunshine to take a few lovely pictures with a blue-sky background downtown. Will share them later on with you.

What do you enjoy most about your summer holidays?



About Carmen

Once lost, now found. German native, living in the beautiful Sunny South East of Ireland since 2010. Helpmate, homemaker, mom, writer. I'm writing about Ireland (DE & EN) and, using my pen name (Mirjam Fels), about and for Christian women at
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