The Way You Cook In Winter

Remember my post in August —  Irish Potatoes? I shared how frustrating it can be to cook potatoes in Ireland. Solution? Just use one of these:


First time I came across a slow cooker was in Germany, at my American neighbour’s house. She could hardly believe that I have never seen a Crock-Pot (™) before. The bolognese sauce she made was the best I’ve ever tasted.

Crock-Pot (™) is a slow cooker but not every slow cooker is a Crock-Pot (™) 😉 In Ireland they are mainly called slow cookers and only the original one is called by its brand name! You can buy them in large supermarkets, electrical retailers and on offer in Aldi and Lidl. (Compare prices!)

Following are just a few of the advantages…

  • Uses only between 100-300 watts (depending on size and brand)
  • Vegetables aren’t easily overcooked
  • Simple cooking: prepare and cook all in one pot; forget about it until dinner.
  • Enjoy delicate and tender meat.

Remember what I said last week?

There is something else you can do to avoid more humidity inside the house: it’s about the way you cook.

Use the slow cooker! 😉 There will hardly be any steam escaping the pot, unless you open the lid.


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Humidity In Ireland

What a beautiful day it is today: blue skies and gorgeous sunshine. On a day like this nobody wants to think of winter, of course. However, did you know that, on the Emerald Isle, winter already starts on the first of December — at least according to calendar?

The days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer — and when you are out and about after 5 p.m. it’s already bit nippy 🙂 Ireland does not experience that much of a temperature drop during winter. Things that make this time of the year so uncomfortable are the harsh winds, rain, thunderstorms and especially the humidity.

Born and raised in Germany, we are used to temperatures below zero celsius. We grew up with snow and glaze. But all of that didn’t feel as unpleasant as this dampness we experience during the winters over here.

Heating on or not, coming back from a walk in the rain the dogs’ furs don’t seem to completely dry — even after drying them off with towels and the hair dryer. The towels in the bathroom stay damp and need to be exchanged more often. The humidity in the home rises quite a bit, especially during cooking, of course.

Things that will help to keep the humidity down

Good, dry heating and rays of sunshine will help a lot to get the house warm.

Thoroughly and wise airing. In Ireland, windows open towards the outside. Many times they will only tilt. Often to air thoroughly is just not possible — except for opening the front/back door and one or two opposing windows. Keep an eye on humidity of outside versus inside air.

Not all apartments and houses in Ireland are damp and mouldy. We are living in a timber framed house since 2.5 years which does not have any mould. The oil heating is economical and it will warm the house really well. Could this be because of the construction of the house?

There is something else you can do to avoid more humidity inside the house: it’s about the way you cook. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know in one of my upcoming posts.

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Kilmore Quay

1-kilmore-quay-sign Just about five weeks ago we drove to Hook Lighthouse. On the way back we stopped in Kilmore Quay. This little fishing village lies about 20km south of Rosslare Harbour in Co. Wexford.

We enjoy visiting this place and often go there to buy fresh fish. Rapsy and Missy like to eat fish, too, but they usually don’t care where it comes from. However, they always love to come along — so much to sniffle, so many things to discover there!

The guests we take to Kilmore Quay are always delighted to see traditional, thatched roof Irish cottages like these:

This lovely holiday village has so much to offer: Watch the fishing boats coming in and leaving the small harbour, go for a stroll through the village and drop into the clothing and gift shops.

Beware, the fresh sea air could make you hungry 😉 How about lunch or dinner, e.g. Fish and Chips — in one of the restaurants?


Want to burn some calories afterwards? Look at this gorgeous sandy beach! Can you see yourself walking along …


Even better, go for a walk at Ballyteige Burrow — 4.5km of marked and easy trail (you can also take the long, loop walk of 16km)

Well, or just take the stone path towards the water to have a great view over the Celtic Sea …


…back to Kilmore Quay, to the airport, to Germany (or wherever you came from) 😦

I want to say a special Thank You to my schoolfriend for visiting us, here in Ireland, and for the wonderful time we’ve had together!

Until next time: Holiday on the Emerald Isle!

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