To Rain Or Not To Rain

Gardens on the Emerald Isle… Well… This is what it looked like on Sunday — in many parts of Ireland there isn‘t much of the green left in the pastures. Some of the flowers, like this petunia, are surviving even without extensive watering. I‘m not that good with flowers and often enough I will forget to water them 🙄 so I really like these beautiful but easy to care ones. 😉

It started to rain at around 4pm on Sunday. Well, it was more of a drizzle. The temperature went below 20 but there was hardly any water coming down from heaven — just a drop in a bucket.  It’s suppossed to stay this dry at least until Wednesday. That’s what is telling us.

Now one of the advantages of such high temperatures and loads of sunshine is…

the berries ripe faster. The ones from the store cannot compare to the ones that are homegrown 😉 Yum! Yum! Even though the winter has been way too long and spring much too short, we were still able to sow a few seeds of beans and peas and more vegetables. I will tell you more about them in my next post.

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Another week gone by and no rain in sight. The temperatures have dropped only slightly. They are around 20 Celsius right now.

During times like these the breeze from the nearby Irish Sea feels so welcomed. 😛 While walking at the beach this morning it even looked like it is going to rain today. But, nope! No rain in sight.

Of course, the (dry and) Sunny South East of Ireland has turned into holiday-makers‘ paradise! The nearby beaches are flooded with people at the moment and in the evenings the takeaways are making a fortune…

On the other side, farmers are asking for rain and their livestock is probably praying for water to come down from heaven, too. But Met Éireann forecasts no rain, at least not until Friday this week. Let’s see what their next update (tomorrow) will tell us…

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The Brown Isle

Blue skies, palm trees, sandy beaches and temperatures above 25 Celsius. Don‘t you just love it?

Well, there is another side to it:

Over these past two weeks we are having a heat wave — no rain in sight whatsoever. This is what the grass in the garden looks like at the moment…

The edges of the garden, alongside the fence, are dried out by now and the ground cracked in many places.

We are growing some fruits, salads and veggies which means we need to water the garden at least twice a day in this heat. The best time to do that, of course, is the early morning and the late evening. In between these times we just hope that the plants will not dry out. The cucumber and tomato plants love it! And so do the strawberries 😉

Talking about strawberries… We are growing our own but did I ever mention that we are living in a part of the country that is famous for growing strawberries? Well, I‘ll share more on that in another post.

NOTE: Due to no rain at all since weeks, water is getting short in many areas of the country. That‘s why officials urge the public not to waste but to conserve water. You can read more on that at Irish Water. 


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